Mammograms Now at the Oakland MRI Center

As of February 1, 2012, all mammograms need to be scheduled at the Oakland MRI Center. Garrett County Memorial Hospital will no longer be offering this exam. We would like to welcome patients needing mammograms to experience our state of the art Digital Mammography system while in a comfortable and quiet outpatient setting. Our mammo technologist is ARRT Board Certified in Radiology and Mammography and has 22yrs experience with Digital Mammography. And our professional staff offers the utmost care. To schedule your mammogram with us, please call 301-533-4674 or toll-free at 1-866-533-0674.

Our Mammography unit has now a (3D) capability. This helps the Radiologist identify breast issues sooner. We can see the pages in between the front and back of the book. There are less call backs and additional views necessary.


At this time, we have not identified what insurances pay at this time. We do not for certain that Medicare does pay and Maryland Physicians Care with authorization will pay. Most Medicaid products do not pay at this time.

Get Your Study on CD

Effective July 1st 2010, patients wanting a CD of their MRI scan for their own personal records will be charged a $5.00 fee. We will continue to provide CD's for our patients' Physicians at no charge. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause.

CD's containing just your MRI images are available immediately following your exam. Patients wanting a CD containing their MRI images and a radiologist's report need to return at least 2 days after their scan was completed.

Get Your Pink Gloves On

The Oakland MRI Center is proud to sponsor the Get Your Pink Gloves On campaign for cancer awareness. The Pink Glove dance was started by the staff of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon for cancer awareness. The dance is performed to Jay Sean's "Down." It's posted on YouTube and has a ton of hits. The pink gloves are manufactured by Medline, and they are donating a portion of the sale of each box to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Brenda Brosnihan at Brenda's Body Shop in Oakland is the official sponsor of Garrett County's Pink Glove Dance. The dance is a community wide campaign designed to inspire people to learn the dance and perform at various local and civic events. Through the performances, the audience will be entertained and gain a heightened awareness of the importance of early cancer detection, and organizations that support funding for various screenings and tests. Brenda is giving the proceeds (outside of what money goes towards gloves and t-shirts) to Cindy's Fund. Brenda is selling the Pink Glove package, which is a t-shirt, free dance lessons and a box of gloves. The gloves in the box can either be given away for a little free advertising or can be sold for $1-2 a pair, whatever the person wants to do. We're hoping that they will then return the money to Brenda to give to Cindy's Fund, but it's an honor system.

The dance is going to be performed during the Autumn Glory parade, and Brenda is hoping to sell 30,000 gloves and have the parade spectators wave their pink gloved hands during the dance. There is also a possibility of Brenda's group performing at a WVU basketball game during halftime.

Cindy's Fund covers cancer screening for people who can't afford it. The money raised by the Pink Gloves campaign is given to the Health Dept. as needed to cover screenings when their yearly grant runs out. Rather than waiting 3-4 months for a new year and new grant money, these funds allow people to get screened ASAP. They also work with the Cancer Center in Cumberland, and supply them with gas cards and food vouchers for those Garrett County residents they comes across. We've paid for hotel expenses during treatment/surgery, and we also paid for a man's prosthetic eye.

Please join the Oakland MRI Center in helping Brenda spread the awareness of cancer and the importance of cancer screening.

Red Flag Rules

Effective July 1st, 2009, all physicians' offices must now confirm a patient's demographic information and verify a patient's identity at each visit under the Federal Government's Identity Theft Red Flag Rules.

A copy of your photo identification will be made and filed in your medical record. That photo identification will be used at all future visits to confirm your identity and to identify potential Red Flags for both financial and medical identity theft.

The Oakland MRI Center is committed to protecting our patients' information, and prohibiting illegal misrepresentation.