Welcome to Oakland MRI & Diagnostics


Oakland MRI & Diagnostics opened its doors in January of 2006.  We offer MRI imaging, Digital Mammography with 3D tomosynthesis, Bone Density/DEXA scans, and Ultrasound.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of diagnostic imaging using the most advanced technologies available.  We strive to achieve the greatest quality of imaging in the area, while providing the highest level of care and compassion for our patients.  The experience, expertise, and caring nature of our staff guarantees our patients the best quality health care around. We look forward to serving you in the future.



Why Choose The Oakland MRI Center?


Here at the Oakland MRI Center we offer:

* MRI Scanning, Digital Mammography, Osteoporosis Evaluations (Bone Density or DEXA

Scans), and Breast Ultrasound

* Convenient Hours

* Same Day & Next Day Appointments

* Same Day & Next Day Turnaround for Verbal or Printed Reports

* Acceptance of Most Insurances

* Board Certified Radiologists

* Reports Faxed Immediately to Your Doctor

* Spacious Changing and Exam Rooms for Ease of Anxiety

* Highly Trained and Caring Staff

* Ordering Physicians, P.A.'s, and Nurse Practitioners can view our images

and reports right in their office

* Convenient location in Oakland MD, on the Garrett County Memorial

Hospital grounds


Scheduling Your Appointment


You or your physician can schedule your appointment for your Mammogram, MRI, MRA, or DEXA Scan (bone density test). Your physician must provide you with a written order for your exam. You must bring this order with you on the day of your exam or make arrangements to have it faxed to our office prior to the day of your appointment. Our fax number is 301-533-1077.


You or your physician must check with your insurance carrier to see if you will need a "authorization" prior to your exam. You must also bring your current insurance cards and a photo ID with you on the day of your appointment. And please check our Insurance page to see what insurance carriers are accepted at the Oakland MRI Center.


To schedule your exam, just call 301-533-4674 or toll free at 866-533-0674 Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. We have appointment times available Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. We will make every effort to accommodate you and schedule your exam at a time convenient for you or that works into your schedule.

ACR Accreditation


In order to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality images possible, the Oakland MRI Center has become an ACR accredited facility. To achieve this status, an imaging facility must follow strict guidelines and undergo rigorous testing and extensive image evaluations by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

The ACR awards accreditation to those facilities who exhibit both high standards of practice and exceptional image quality. These evalutions are conducted by radiologists and physicists with the ACR who have specific knowledge and expertise in MRI. In order to stay accredited by the ACR, the Oakland MRI Center must be evaluated every 2 years.

The staff here at the Oakland MRI Center would like assure our patients that we are committed to providing them with the utmost care while obtaining the best possible images available, now and well into the future.


Oakland MRI & Diagnostics Center is pleased to offer Breast Ultrasound services to our facility.  We are able to now offer this service in conjunction with Mammography.  Our ultrasound technologists are very knowledgeable and have many years of experience combined as well as being nationally trained and certified.

Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment.  Patient's that need an ultrasound study performed after a mammogram no longer need to leave our facility. We are able to schedule multiple procedures within the same visit.

Ultrasound of the breast uses sound waves to produce pictures of the internal structures of the breast.  It is primarily used to help diagnose breast lumps or other abnormalities your doctor may have found during a physical exam as well as abnormalities found during your screening mammogram. 

With our Breast Ultrasound service we are also able to offer cyst aspirations and breast biopsies if an abnormality is found. We also perform needle localizations for surgeries needing to be completed.

Most Breast Ultrasounds last between 15 to 30 minutes and are usually painless.  

Results of your Breast Ultrasounds are primarily given the same day at Oakland MRI & Diagnostics Center, and your referring doctor will receive the results within a 24 hour period.